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Vets that see Sugar Gliders in Utah

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We use Northside as our USDA vet for our program but here is a list of those that see them in Utah and prices as of March 2020 Prices may vary ask when Scheduling

  1. Creekside animal hospital Draper , UT 8015651263. Wellness~42.95 neuter~155.00 pain meds 15-30

  2. Riverwoods pet hospital Provo, UT 8012242233 wellness~50.00 neuter~250.00 pain meds 20-30

  3. Willow creek pet center cotton wood heights, UT 8019420777 wellness~ 55.00 don’t do neuters

  4. Parrish creek veterinary clinic center bills, UT 8012982014 wellness~73.00 neuter~ 169.52

  5. Kaysville Veterinary Hospital Kaysville, UT 8014443770 wellness~73.00 neuter~360.00

  6. Wasatch exotics cottonwood heights, UT 8019433367 wellness~65.00 neuter~140.00 pain meds~35-55

  7. Payson family pet hospital payson, UT 8014651800 wellness~58.00 neuter~86.50 pain med long term injection included and done before going home

  8. Amor animal hospital West Jordan, UT 8015619595 wellness~65.00 neuters ~don’t do

9 Salt lake veterinary services Salt Lake City, UT 8017508300 wellness~ in clinic 33.50 in home 47.50 neuters~ 209.00 pain meds included

10 Bridgerland animal hospital Logan, UT 4357522151 wellness~47.00 neuters waiting to hear back

11 Cache meadow veterinary clinic Logan, UT 4357526135 wellness~44.00 neuter~90.00 pain meds~ 33.00

12 North side animal clinic west haven, UT 8017328387 exam clinic 45.00 home 55.00 neuter~ 160.00

13 Emergency vet sunset, UT 8017768118 initial exam emergency 85.00

14 Animal crackers West Jordan, UT 8018100360 wellness~55.00 neuter~awaiting pricing

15 Zion Veterinary Hospital Hurricane, UT (435) 635-4033

16 Red Hills Animal Hospital St George, UT (435) 656-8886

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