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Our Available Joeys

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet. All of our animals come fully loved on, we send updates often and love to receive them after their home too. They undergo a wellness exam with Northside as do all our gliders. Only males are sold pet Only due to female anatomy being too complex to spay. All males are neutered before leaving my home when sold pet only

Available Joeys: Available Pets


Hugh Jass

Little Male oop 3/26/23 will be ready to go home around 05/21/23 depending on weight and eating. Will be available for deposit around April 9th when his eyes open. Being offered Pet only and neuter will be complete before leaving and included in cost. Contact if you might be this little mans family 

Check back or Contact us to find out when we have new joeys or gliders available.

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