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We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet. All of our animals come fully loved on, we send updates often and love to receive them after their home too. They undergo a wellness exam with Northside as do all our gliders. Only males are sold pet Only due to female anatomy being too complex to spay. All males are neutered before leaving my home when sold pet only




She is a beautiful girl with a Black Face Carmel albino pouch twin. This is this sets first joeys. Mom is Gussie Produced Here, father is Conway from Canada & produced by Christie. She’ll be ready to go around July 14 depending on weight and eating 
Here is a link to her lineage

If you think your family might be looking for this sweetheart get in touch. 



This little girl is Margaret. She was just out of pouch and is ready for a deposit and looking for a family. She can go home around July 31st depending on weight and eating 
Here is a link to her lineage



This is Miranda Margarets sister she also was just out of pouch is ready for a deposit and looking for the perfect family. She also will be ready to go home around July 31 depending on weight and eating. 
Miranda , Margaret & Kalopsia Can go together as Pets on Contract for a Discount. Or Any two could go together as well as pets.
Or here is a link to Miranda’s lineage if interested in breeding rights. Miranda & Margaret also could go together as a breeding trio where pouch siblings for a discount.

Check back on our website, FB, Instagram or message to find out when we have new joeys or gliders available.

Available Joeys: Available Pets
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