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Any past homes feel welcome to add a testimonial about your experience. We love to know what we’re doing well at and what we could improve on. 

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Happy Clients


I adopted a beautiful reverse stripe mosaic from Tawnie to pair as a mate to my Ruby Leu female. From my first inquiry about Blaze, Tawnie was incredibly helpful with lineage, transportation, and updating me every step of the way. Blaze integrated well into my home and has the sweetest, most laid-back temperament. I would definitely adopt from Boots and Buckles again.

Blaze born here pictured with his first joeys 


By far one of the kindest and ethical breeders I have met. Super upfront and willing to share anything. Posts lots of updates and has such healthy beautiful gliders 



Tawnie knows what she is doing!! Best tempered gliders, beautiful lineage, excellent attitude. She is very helpful and answered my million questions. I have two from her and I absolutely love them. 10 out of 10 would recommend 

Daphne & Scooby born here 


Tawnie is so helpful and has great communication. We love our two joeys 

Poseidon born here 


Tawnie is AMAZING!! I totally would recommend her if you are thinking about adding a glider into your family. She is very knowledgeable and answers any and all questions I have! You can tell how much love and work she puts into her animals. She is very attentive in still keeping up with how Emori is doing since she’s been home. Emori is just a doll, I fell in love with her the moment I seen her. Tawnie was so awesome in sending updates before Emori came home. I seriously cannot wait to love Emori forever. Tawnie thank you so much again for letting me add Emori into my family. Thank you so much for everything you do 

Emori born here 


Tawnie sold us our two adorable boys and we couldn’t be more pleased with everything about our interaction with her. She is very knowledgeable, kind, super helpful and has extremely reasonable prices. You will not be disappointed working with her! 

Merry gummi & pippin bear born here 


Tawnie has been amazing since the first time we met her, her joeys are happy, healthy and beautiful. She is always there to answer any questions you might have and even if you just need to talk she has always been there. I would and have recommended her to all I meet who are interested in becoming a suggie parent 

Augustine born here 


Amazing breeder and friend. Really goes above and beyond for her babies and her customers. Would recommend her to anyone!

Diablo born here 


We wanted another sugar glider for our family. Using boots and buckles sugar gliders was awesome. She knows exactly what she is talking about and our baby is so calm and sweet! If your interested in getting sugar gliders she is awesome!


We ended up with one of Tawnie’s babies by chance and we couldn’t be happier with her!! Despite some unfortunate events that landed our girl in a rescue before we adopted her, she is still our sweetest and most trusting glider. In my opinion that can only come from her having a well bred temperament and having lots of love and handling as a Joey. Not only is our glider perfect but tawnie has been amazing In answering questions for us along the way. She seems to truly care about where her babies end up. I would absolutely recommend her❤️

Venus born here 


I have had the opportunity to get a pair of joeys. She was amazing to work with and her joeys are great! They are so loving and snuggly! Well cared for! I will definitely be a return customer 

Maui born here


She is awesome. Definetly knows what she’s doing when it comes to sugar gliders. 


Tawnie is the best! She allowed me to visit my baby as she was growing (I’m local), and it was such a great experience. When I wasn’t there visiting, Tawnie was sending me pictures and videos keeping me up to date every step of the way, which is so important to me as they change and grow so fast. After I took my baby home Tawnie made herself available for questions and have great advice. My baby went home happy and healthy and I couldn’t be more in love! It’s clear she was handled a lot too because she is not afraid of hands. 

Moriko born here 


Tawnie is amazing (and so are her gliders!)  She cares for her babies so deeply, when I recieved my new sweet girl last night you could tell just how well she was taken care of and loved! Tawnie has been there for all of my questions, stories, and more questions, even from before I ever put initial deposit down on one of her beauties! Her and her gliders are spectacular!!

Loreali born here 


Boots & Buckles is an excellent business and is run by a wonderful person. Tawnie is always willing to answer any questions, both before and after the adoption, and is so accommodating no matter what. She clearly loves what she does and loves her gliders, and is just so helpful no matter what the situation is.

Eomer & Eowyn born here 

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