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Unsafe Foods for Gliders

Below are some recommendations on things you may want to avoid feeding to your sugar glider. There are so many things your sugar glider can have safely without having to introduce something into their diet that may be harmful.



  • Do not feed pits or seeds of fruit to your sugar glider, these are toxic and could cause intestinal blockage.

  • Never feed your gliders raw eggs or raw meat

  • Chocolate is toxic to a glider.

  • Avoid onions and foods that contain onion powder.

  • Avoid feeding or offer sparingly, food that have high fat content such as peanuts and avocados.

  • Never feed bugs that have been caught outdoors, they may have been in contact with fertilizers or insecticides. Not to mention parasites they may have.

  • Take caution when feeding crickets, as they can contain aflatoxins, especially if they were raised on corn products.

  • Don't feed your sugar glider leftovers, they most likely contain seasonings that could be toxic

  • Avoid canned foods prepared for people, as they contain too much sugar, salt, and preservatives.

  • Avoid offering your sugar glider plants or branches that are from outside unless you know for sure there has been no chemical treatments.

  • Offer citrus fruits only occasionally as the acids are not good for them.

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