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Sugar Glider Diets

This is not an all inclusive list but a start for those looking

1 Bml Bourbons Modified Leadbeaters

This is the only nutritionally tested and proven to be complete diet. This diet tends to work for many as everything can be purchased locally from the grocery store and pet store.

2 Tpg the pet glider

This diet has salad mix recipes that you make along with a mixture you freeze and vitamins you purchase directly from them.

3 Ohpw original high protein wombaroo diet

this diet you buy the hpw mix everything else you can get at the grocery store

4 Critter love diet has critter love salads and then you feed the pre mixed powder with water added to it

5 Highland sugar glider diet

6 Sgs2 sugar glider shop diet

similar to tpg and fed primarily in uk

7 Gohpw reduces sugar green original hpw

modified version of ohpw

8 LGRS lucky glider rescue and sanctuary Suggie soup

this is a soup to accompany other produce and or meats that are also listed in the link

9 AWD Australian wombaroo diet

10 Val’s green variety

11 Fairy Tail Gliders Diet any questions on this diet please message Tonia Updated 05/2020 per Tonia

6 Chicken Tenderloins (3 added to blender and 3 for their salad)

1 Bottle of Ensure Vanilla (I use equate Brand)

2 ounces of Bolthouse Brand Strawberry Banana Juice

2 ounces of Bolthouse Brand Mango Juice

4 tablespoons of honey

1/2 cup Face 0 fat yogurt

1/3 cup chicken breeder flavor happy glider pellets

3/4 to 1 cup of water

Blend should be thin not thick consistency

I serve with chicken, happy glider pellets, greens and veggies on the side

This males 24 ounces of FTG Diet

12 Glider Munch

a pelleted food that has insect protein , limited ingredients and whole food. It’s small pellets fit in their hands very easily and provides less waste

13 Happy Glider

Use Referral code Alea Holladay and receive ten percent off when ordering and all proceeds then go towards the diet study there are many options and flavors of this pellet offered as well as they do have treats.

I feel this is one aspect any owner can benefit from donating too as well this is a foundation helping to fund and perform actual scientific research about diets and so many other things to find factual proof of how things such as these effect our gliders instead of the many varied personal opinions so please if you can donate or even just visit to learn more about their mission and help they are giving the community.

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