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Is a Sugar Glider A Good Pet?

Are Sugar Gliders……..Good Pets?

Courtesy of glider mama /Lynn Martel

If you like something that crabs, bites, cannot be housebroken and is up all night, then gliders are for you! They do have very specific dietary & housing needs. They do live for 10-12 years. Do you know where you will be in 10 years?

Sugar gliders are colony animals who are very intelligent & curious. They do better in pairs and will bond to you once you have gained their trust. They will breed without any intervention from you and do have monthly cycles. Neutering a male is the only option, as the females are too small to go through such an invasive and complex surgery that would be required for a spay due to their complex anatomy

A vet experienced in exotic animals needs to be available to you, as well.

Only when you understand all the needs of a sugar glider, should you venture into their world.

Gliders should be obtained from a reputable breeder and not at a fair, a pet store, expo or a flea market. Gliders sold at these venues have been known to be too young, sick or inbred and will only bring heartbreak in the end.

Do some research and ask a lot of questions. A good breeder will take the time to answer all of your questions and should have some for you. They should be concerned about how you will care for these little ones and proud to show you how they operate.

Sugar gliders are not for everyone! They are not good for young children or anyone who doesn’t have the time they deserve. They are, however, very fascinating to watch and will captivate those of you who are willing to go that extra mile and provide for them properly.

I have glideritis and am proud of it!

Sugar gliders are amazing animals that are easy to care for, when you know the proper way to do so. First of all, they are nocturnal, so they are more active at night. Secondly, when they are awake, they are very active and need exercise and a challenging environment. This can be handled by providing them with a glider safe wheel to run in and supervised out of cage time. Gliders also have very specific dietary & housing needs. Be sure to get a safe cage and use an approved diet to meet these needs. Below are some suggestions to help you provide for your gliders:

Must Haves:

Cage/Reptarium Diet Ingredients

Fleece Pouches Exercise Wheel

Water Bottle Food Dish

Fleece vines, bridges & hammocks

Glider safe toys Emergency Kit

Vet and cash or credit card for emergencies


Cage should be at least 3’ x 2’ x 2’ for a pair of gliders. The taller the better and bars should be less than ½” spacing. Wire should be epoxy, PVC, or powder coated. NEVER GALVANIZED! Reptariums made of a mesh like screen around a pvc pipe frame are also a good choice.


NEVER use pine or cedar shavings, kitty or corn cob litter. These are toxic! SAFE bedding options include fleece, puppy pads, carefresh, paper towels or newspaper, as long as it is out of reach. Tractor supply equine pellets


This is one of the most important and debated topics in glider care. There are several approved diets. Make sure you pick a diet you can live with and easily obtain the ingredients needed. Other diets are available so be sure to pick one that is right for you. Your breeder will be able to make suggestions as well. Fresh water must always be provided at all times.


Gliders need a fleece pouch to sleep in, a wheel to run in and numerous hammocks, bridges, corner shelves & vines made out of fleece for enrichment. There are many ways to provide these things. You can even make them yourself if you use safe material and sewing suitable for them.

Some things that are NOT SAFE for gliders include:

jingle bells cardboard rolls

catnip toys hamster wheels/balls

tennis balls string or frayed rope/yarn

T shirts or socks fake fur or terry cloth material

beanie filled toys or small beads metal chain


Travel cage for cage cleaning day or transporting

Pop up tent for supervised play time

Fleece for cage sets, toys, cage covers & liners

*Emergency Kit-available from several vendors or you can put together your own

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