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Expectations when bringing a Joey home

Gliders like routine and patterns

Sugar gliders are scent orientated, they like everything to smell like them, if it doesn’t they will mark it as theirs. Boys and girls do this boy scent gland chest and head, girls scent gland on belly/pouch. To prevent them from over marking don’t clean everything at once. instead break up into weeks EXAMPLE: fridays I do nails and switch out sleeping bags and blankets. One Wipe down cage with Clorox pet and kid compastable Wipes. One week clean wheel and toys I soak in hebiclens and odoban mixture and then hang to dry after cleaning.

When a joey goes home, everything is new to them. They just left their parents and breeders home with all familiar smells and sounds. They are in a new home with all new smells and sounds, introduced to new glider buddies. their world is upside down. this can result in crabbness and stress poops from the stress levels.some adjust quickly and some it takes a bit. All our joeys are socialized from out of pouch until going home so they usually warm up after decompressing in their new homes. Staying hydrated is important especially if they have stress poop.

main thing to remember with new joeys is go at their pace not yours And DONT have expectations. If you try to force them to go at your pace, bonding might not happen or will be set back.

here is a video link from a longtime veteran member that I believe all new homes should watch. It helps so much with realizing how expectations can let you and your glider down. in our program we try to match up homes with personalities if possible, but again personalities can change with stress of new environment temporarily.

No two gliders are the same just like people so please don’t compare your previously gliders to new. Everything done to bond must be custom to each glider and on each gliders time.

If your local we will introduce your gliders for you if needed and also all males sold pet only are neutered before going home. Females are only offered at breeding price since their anatomy is to complex for a spay surgery.

Again our joeys have been handled from OOP date in until you pick them up Or transport does. we recommend you put your new babies in their cage after a quick look over to ensure all was well on transport and allow them to decompress a few days. During this time sitting next to their cage with a few treats and softly speak to them to get them used to your voice and associate with good things. And then start carrying or interacting to bond after a few days.

We are here always for our joeys homes or even if someone bought somewhere else and needs help we’re happy to help. You can email us, message us on our website, instagram, or Facebook or even text or call us (435)339-9095.

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