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Cage Suggestions

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

  1. 1No smaller than 2 ft deep by 2 feet wide by 3 feet high but the larger the better

  2. 2Height is more important than width so they can climb and glide but having both is the best

  3. 3Bar spacing should be no wider than 1/2 in if it is wider and a cage you love you can secure mesh around it to make it escape proof but if you don’t do this your gliders will get out.

  4. 4Zip tie all doors and or removable grates because your babies are smart and will move them up, down or open to escape.

  5. 5Metal should be powder coated or pvc coated as contact with other metals can make your glider sick. Any rust spots are not okay this can cause illness and utis in your glider. You can also use mesh and pvc pipe to make your own enclosure.

  6. 6Dcn midwest double critter nation cage~ these cages are huge and open and allow you the ability to stack on each other or zip tie side by side to make your cage as big as you’d like~

  7. 7Madagascar or Congo all of the cages on this site are good

  8. 8Travel cages some use mesh carriers made for dogs some make pvc or buy them I personally use pp starter cage as a travel cage this is the only thing I recommend from them (don’t purchase from the link you’ll pay double the money when you can find much cheaper online or classified sites). The pampered glider also makes a few travel options the weekender or the day packer Or we also love wild little monkeys here is a link to hers

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